About Us

What We Do

Welcome to Creative Juices. Offering full Graphic Design and Web Design services to Fredericton and beyond… we do it all. From initial logo creation to entire campaigns, our job (although it doesn’t feel like one) is to create outstanding designs that will enhance your existing image… or work with you to create an entirely new brand identity.

Making you look more incredible than you already are… that’s what we do!

What Makes Us So Juicy?

It all comes down to results. And we get them. With our unique style, creativity and excellent customer service, you’ve got a team that delivers the goods.

We’ll work with you to ensure that the creative works well to attract your target audience, which is what it’s all about.

We Make a Big Splash

We take great pride in our work… and it shows. From print pieces such as magazines and brochures to digital creations such as interactive websites and e-flyers, we deliver on every design.

Point us in the direction you want to go, set us loose and watch the Creative Juices flow.

Brands We Work With

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